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We grow Batyan’s tomato in the garden

lettuce tomato Batyan The determinant, fruitful, tasty salad tomato Batyan was bred by Siberian breeders not so long ago. Received its distribution on the territory of Russia after official registration since 2008. It is grown in greenhouses and outdoors. It is able to grow in harsh Siberian conditions, is not very susceptible to disease, and gives a good harvest of large pink fruits. It was their taste that made the variety so famous that summer residents are trying to grow and propagate Batyan’s tomato from northern to southern latitudes. There are some breeding features that must be taken into account..

Characteristics of the tomato Batianya

large fruits of the Batianya variety Experts call this kind of interdimensional. This means that plants do not have height characteristics, their growth is not limited to varietal characteristics. It depends on the cultivation conditions. In greenhouse conditions, there are cases of growing bushes with a height of 2.5 meters.

On powerful bushy plants, the ovary forms equally well in the open air in the greenhouse. You should not create special conditions to ensure the ovary.

high-yielding variety

The characteristics of the Batyan tomato include the following points:

  • the plant has a large, powerful trunk, long stems with large dark leaves;
  • half of 10 flowers on one plant are tied at the same time;
  • fruits ripen about 95 days after planting;
  • the culture is heart-shaped, has a pink color;
  • up to 6 kg of harvest is obtained from one plant per season.

Fleshy tomatoes are good for salads. It is not recommended to preserve them as a whole, mainly due to their large size. Juice and ketchup are made from Batyan, added to lecho and dressings.

Batyan’s tomatoes, the description of which cannot be considered complete without the direct characteristics of the fruit, grow very large. The average fruit size is about 400 g, but the largest representatives of the species can weigh almost a kilogram. fleshy fruit of tomatoA distinctive feature is a small amount of seeds in the pulp. On the one hand, many people like this feature, as it positively affects the taste. But summer residents who are trying to breed a similar species are upset. It is very difficult for them to collect enough Batian tomato seeds.

If the plant receives a sufficient amount of water and fertilizer, then the size of the fruits closer to the top does not shrink. Tomatoes grow equally large.

Flavoring features

harvestingTomato Batianya has not only a beautiful presentation, but also a pleasant sweetish taste. Tomatoes do not crack during transportation, despite their size. They hold the road well due to their dense skin.

The palatability of the fruit is influenced by the amount of moisture obtained during cultivation, the quality of the fertilizers used, and the density of sunny days. The tasters rated the taste at 4 points without giving a point for the richness of the taste and the absence of salty aftertaste. Some noted the freshness and excessive density of the pulp..

Growing from seeds

growing tomato seedlings BatyanTo get healthy planting material, buy quality seeds. When buying a bag of varietal seeds, be sure to pay attention to the following:

  • production date and shelf life of the material;
  • the number of seeds in one package;
  • what percentage of germination the manufacturer promises (100% of the seeds cannot sprout, if there is such a figure on the package, then you are probably fake);
  • if the manufacturer indicates that the material does not need to be etched, then it is already ready for planting;
  • if there is no etching mark, then you need to treat the material yourself with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

Try to get multiple packs of varietal seeds from different companies. So the probability of getting good material in at least one case will be high..

Seedling preparation

greenhouse tomatoesThe Batianya tomato, which is planned to be grown in a greenhouse, must be sown to obtain seedlings in February. If you are in doubt about the timing of planting, carefully read the manufacturer’s recommendations on the packaging.. For planting seedlings, you can use one of the options presented:

  • peat cups and peat tablets for them;
  • leafy soil from your own garden and plastic cups;
  • a special form for growing seedlings and ready-made soil for vegetables.

In order not to get weed seedlings and a bouquet of viruses together with the soil, it must be treated before use. To do this, it is heated in the oven or spilled with boiling water. And only after cooling is used for its intended purpose..

When the soil is prepared and the seeds are pickled, they start planting. It is necessary to provide containers with drainage holes so that water does not stagnate at the roots and does not provoke rot. The soil should be light, permeable and nutritious. If you prepare it yourself, then it is worth mixing the leafy, soddy soil with ash, sand and humus until a homogeneous mass.

The seeds are deepened 2 cm into filled cups and poured over with warm water. Water the seedlings regularly. The drying out of the earth coma is stress for young plants, which they may not be able to cope with. Pay attention to the light: for the growth of seedlings, a good diffused light is necessary for at least 16 hours a day. In the evening, it is necessary to turn on additional lighting so that the seedlings do not stretch out.


When the plants are strong enough and they can be planted in the ground (or taken out to the greenhouse for adaptation), they dive. If warm conditions did not come for a long time and you have grown large seedlings, then when transplanting into the ground, remove the lower leaves and deepen the stem into the ground. Removing the lower stems allows plants to take root and grow faster.

If ordinary tomatoes are planted two at a time for better development, then the tomato “Batyanya” should be placed one at a time no thicker than three bushes per 1 square meter.

Necessary growing conditions

fruits of the Batianya varietyBushes will need to be tied up as they grow. Growing is almost impossible without this procedure. To ensure a good development of the culture, it is necessary to provide abundant watering. Between usual waterings, the earth layer is allowed to dry out and loosened, providing aeration to the roots. Once every two weeks, the hole is poured abundantly with water with the addition of organic fertilizers. So that all the energy of the tomato does not go into building up green mass, you need to regularly do pinching.

Subject to the specified growing conditions for the season, you will receive a large harvest, which you will not be ashamed to share with your neighbors in the country..

Miracle tomato Batianya – video

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