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What is Epin Extra for?

Epin Extra Epin Extra is a biostimulant that has earned quite a few positive reviews. And all this is due to its effectiveness and harmlessness. The agent is used for different types of plants. With proper application, crops will not only develop correctly, but will also delight with abundant flowering, high-quality harvest..

What Epin Extra is used for

growth biostimulator Epin Extra Plant life depends on numerous factors. There are those that directly affect the metabolism, disrupting it, thereby impairing the growth and development of the plant..

To reduce the negative effects, you can use stimulant drugs or regulators. One of these is Epin Extra. It helps plants cope with stress caused by transplantation, negative environmental factors or diseases..

You can identify a fake by the absence of foam and the smell of alcohol, which appears during the preparation of the solution..

The drug has a wide range of indications:

  • allows the root system to adapt faster after transplanting;
  • improves the quality and quantity of the crop;
  • promotes rapid seed germination;
  • accelerates the growth of fruits;
  • rejuvenates old plants by improving the growth of young shoots;
  • restores leaves and stems after diseases and mechanical damage;
  • improves root growth;
  • creates protection from adverse weather conditions;
  • reduces the amount of radionuclides, pesticides, heavy metals and nitrates;
  • improves plant resistance to diseases (late blight, scab, peronosporosis, fusarium, bacteriosis and others).

The drug has several uses. It can be added to water when watering, applied to the surface of plants, or soaked in seeds and bulbs.

A variety of methods allows you to choose the one that is more convenient. Based on practice, the most effective is the treatment of seedlings with Epin Extra before planting. The drug is safe for humans, animals and plants. That is why it can be used not only to improve the condition of ornamental plants, but also for fruit trees, vegetable crops..

To enhance the effect of the drug, it is necessary to slightly acidify the water. To do this, add boric, citric or acetic acid to the liquid..

An important aspect in using Epin is its proper storage. It is recommended to keep the product only in a dark place, since daylight has a destructive effect on the drug..

Exposure to alkaline compounds also negatively affects Epin Extra. In this regard, it is recommended to use only boiled clean liquid..

Epin Extra: composition of the preparation

Epin Extra ampouleThe drug is produced on the basis of nanotechnology and consists of concentrated substances. The synthetic component epibrassinolide is active. Its action is completely safe and consists in activating natural processes in the vegetative functions of plants. It also protects crops from negative weather changes, diseases, premature aging..

Epin Extra is an adaptogen and immunostimulant. If the disease affects the whole plant, then the drug will not help. But, if the situation is still fixable, then it will not be difficult to cope with the problem..

Instructions for use

we dilute the drug Epin ExtraEpin is on sale in ampoules. Less commonly, it can be found in bottles. Each of the ampoules contains a quarter of a milliliter of the substance. The product is diluted in clean water (1 ampoule per 5 liters of liquid).

Each plant will have its own drug consumption.

Useful tips for preparing an Epin-based product:

  1. The ready-made solution should be used within 48 hours, since then it will lose its beneficial properties..
  2. Do not keep the solution in direct sunlight.
  3. Stir the drug for 5 minutes..
  4. Store in a cool, dark place..
  5. You can process plants with Epin once every two weeks. There is no point in performing the procedure more often.
  6. It is recommended to spray in the evening, when the sun hides..
  7. Despite the safety of the drug, when working with it, you must use gloves..

Epin will be most effective for plants that have recently undergone stress due to negative weather conditions and diseases. Processing begins with removing damaged leaves, branches and shoots, collecting pests. Then you need to loosen the soil around the plant and only then apply fertilizer.

If you are spraying, do not forget to treat all parts of the plant with the drug – the tops and bottom. The course and the number of procedures depends on the improvement of the state of the crops: when the plant recovers, new shoots appear, the treatment can be completed. For the prevention of various diseases, treatment is carried out during the growing season 2-3 times.

Epin’s application

watering seedlings

For indoor flowers

Epin Extra for indoor plantsThe use of the composition will strengthen the immunity of flowers, extend the flowering time and improve their decorative properties. Use Epin while soaking the seeds. A few drops of a 0.1% solution are added to 100 ml of liquid. To soak the bulbs in 2 liters of water, use 1 ml of the solution. Young plants are sprayed before and during bud formation. Epin’s solution for indoor flowers should be used in winter during the forcing of bulbs, which will lead to early flowering of plants and an improvement in their decorative qualities..

Spraying violets with Epin is also carried out in the evening..

For vegetable plants

processing of tomatoes with Epin ExtraEpin for vegetable plants is used to accelerate the process of fruit formation, to prevent diseases, improve the appearance of plants, the taste and quality of berries and vegetables. Also, the tool is used to extend their storage period..

Plants should be treated with a solution until buds appear or at the end of flowering. You can soak the seeds in Epin’s solution before planting, which will have a beneficial effect on their germination. It is recommended to use 5 liters of solution per one hundred square meters of land. For this, water (5 l) is taken, in which 1 ml of Epin 0.02% is diluted.

Epin’s application on potatoes

processing of planting potatoesPrimary processing should be done before planting potatoes. To do this, you need to take a glass of water and dissolve 1 ml of the drug in it. The mixture should be enough for 50 kg of potatoes. After processing, the tubers will need to be left for several hours so that the agent has time to take effect..

Re-processing of the vegetable is carried out during the formation of buds. For a hundred square meters of potatoes, take 4 liters of solution. To prepare it, you will need to combine 1 ml of Epin in 5 liters of pure water.

Epin for fast rooting of cuttings

cuttings rooted in Epin's solutionIn order for the planting material to take root as quickly as possible, it is necessary to soak it in a solution of 1 ml of Epin and 5 liters of clean water before planting in the greenhouse. In this case, the liquid should be at room temperature. Immerse all cuttings in a solution of 2-3 cm. Keep the plants in this state for at least 12 hours. At the end of this time, they can be planted under the film..

Epin Extra is a unique product that, if used correctly, can have a beneficial effect on both mature plants and seedlings. To get the maximum result, you should follow the instructions for use..

Application of Epin Extra for seedlings – video

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