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Bovine heart tomato: outdoor cultivation

Tomato Bovine heart Summer is the time to enjoy the abundance of fresh vegetables. Tomato Bovine Heart, the cultivation of which is very simple and easy, is in special demand among summer residents. These are large, beautiful and very juicy tomatoes. They are able to attract the attention of every gourmet.

Description of Tomato Bovine Heart

large-fruited variety The variety belongs to the group of large-fruited plants. It is a late maturing species that is often grown in a greenhouse. But due to its high characteristics, the Oxheart tomato develops well in the open field. With proper care, the plant gives a bountiful and high-quality harvest. A distinctive feature of the species is not only the size of the fruit, but also the stems themselves..

The height of the bovine heart tomato plant is capable of reaching 2 m. Deciduous plates are of average size. Their upper part is slightly covered with small villi. When deformed, they are able to emit a peculiar smell that belongs only to tomatoes..

When growing Bovine heart tomatoes in the open field, the first inflorescences are laid every 9 leaves, then the formation of fruits occurs after two. Read the article: Caring for Tomatoes in the Greenhouse from Planting to Harvest!

flowering tomatoA characteristic feature of such tomatoes are fruits, which can have not only different weights, but also shapes. Tomatoes of this variety can grow up to 15 cm in diameter. Their average weight reaches 500 grams, but there are times when tomatoes grow about a kilogram. Because of this, they are rarely used for canning as a whole. Often, the Bovine Heart is used to make ketchup and various sauces. It is also good to use such tomatoes for juice..

Bovine heart fruits are distinguished by excellent nutritional and aesthetic qualities. They are very beneficial for the human body..

useful materialRipe tomatoes are rich in essential trace elements such as:

  • vitamin C, B, K;
  • pectin;
  • magnesium;
  • potassium;
  • phosphorus.

Also in their pulp there is sugar, folic acid. After many studies, it was proved that in addition to the above trace elements, tomatoes are rich in iron, iodine, silicon, niacin. Also, Bovine Heart is famous for its high fiber content..

Excess nitrogen fertilization can lead to shedding of foliage.

With proper cultivation of bushes, up to 3.5 kg of ripe fruits can be harvested. In greenhouse conditions, up to 12 kilograms of tomatoes are formed on one plant. In order for the plant to bear fruit well, one should not only adhere to proper watering, but also tie up the bushes in time. This is due to the large weight of the fruit, which is able to break branches, thus, suspending the proper development of plants..bovine heart tomato in a greenhouse

Tomato varieties for summer cottages

The main varieties of beef heart tomatoes:

  1. Honey Savior. This species is distinguished by the color of the fruit. Tomatoes have a rich orange hue. Their shape is often correct. Compared to other varieties, Honey Spas is distinguished by the same size of all berries on the bush. From 5 to 6 vegetables can be formed on one branch. Their weight ranges from 300 to 500 g. Tomatoes are distinguished by good meatiness and sweetish taste..variety honey spas
  2. Lemon heart. Unripe fruits have a bright yellow hue, but over time they turn pink. This is one of the largest varieties. Tomatoes can grow up to 800 grams. A distinctive feature is their shape, which resembles a triangle. The pulp is very juicy and sweet. Ripe fruits have a slightly fruity flavor. This variety is in great demand due to its high yield. Growing bovine heart tomatoes in the open field is very simple and does not require special skills..grade lemon heart
  3. Morning dew. This is the earliest variety compared to other species. Fruits of a bright crimson hue, resembling the shape of a heart. They are medium-sized and weigh about 250 g. A distinctive feature of Morning Dew tomatoes is their rich taste, which can last for a long time. When properly planted and cared for, the bushes produce crops throughout the season. Ripe tomatoes can be observed even before the very frosts.morning dew variety
  4. Budenovka. This is a round-shaped fruit with a pointed nose. They are very meaty and flavorful. Their mass is within 300 grams. Unripe tomatoes are white with a slightly milky tinge. But after removing from the branch, the fruits ripen and acquire a rich red tone. Such tomatoes are stored at home for a very long time, while they do not change their appearance and taste..grade budenovka

Thanks to the work of world breeders, there are also varieties that produce yellow, black and white fruits. In addition to their color, they differ in taste and ripening period..

Growing Bovine Heart Tomatoes in the Open Field

growing tomato bovine heartIt is a unique plant that, when properly cared for, can produce stunning yields. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to grow a bull heart in the open field so that it pleases with its fruits. If you follow a number of rules, then delicious and incredibly healthy tomatoes will flaunt on your table throughout the summer season..

Sowing seeds for seedlings

selection of seedsMuch depends on when the bull’s heart is planted on seedlings, namely the yield. It is recommended to carry out this procedure 2 months before planting in open ground. In order for the grains to sprout well, it is necessary to pickle well before placing them in the soil. This will prevent the development of late blight and other diseases. You can process the seeds with a solution of potassium permanganate. To do this, dilute 10 g of the drug in one liter of cold water. When stirred, the mixture will turn a deep pink color. Put the bovine heart tomato grains into the prepared liquid and wait about half an hour.

seed shootsAfter this time has elapsed, remove the seed from the water and put it on a cotton cloth so that it dries well. Then wet a towel and wrap the seeds in it. In this state, keep them until the first shoots appear. The prepared grains should first be sown into the box. They should be placed to a depth of 2 to 2.5 cm. To make the tomatoes grow faster, it is recommended to cover the container on top with polyethylene or put glass. Put the box in a warm place, periodically opening the mini-greenhouse for watering. As soon as the first shoots are visible, you can feed them with fertilizer. After the appearance of full-fledged three leaves, the seedlings dive.

Picking helps the correct development of the root system. If everything is done correctly, then the plants will fully develop and give a good harvest..

Time for planting seedlings in open ground

planting a seedling in open groundIn order for young plants to take root well, they should be planted in late May or early June. If the planting will be carried out in a greenhouse, then you can do this earlier. Young plants are very sensitive to excess moisture, therefore, during planting, weather conditions should be taken into account. If it rains on the street for a long time, it is recommended to postpone the procedure for several days. So that the root system does not start to rot, the soil must dry out well..

Since the adult bushes are voluminous, the distance between the seedlings should be adhered to. Planting seedlings must be carried out according to the scheme. One square meter contains 4 plants at a distance of about 50 centimeters.

It is necessary to deepen the seedlings up to the first leaves. This is done so that new roots appear on the stem. Such a planting will allow the plant to develop faster and give a good harvest..

A place for tomatoes should be chosen well warmed up by the sun. The best options would be the site, which is located in the southern part of the yard..

Soil preparation

nutrient soilGrowing and caring for bovine heart tomatoes includes not only proper planting, but also the choice of soil. Plants thrive in neutral or slightly acidic soil. Indicators should not exceed 6.5 pH.

When planting tomatoes, keep in mind that they love organic soil. Before placing young plants in open ground, fertilize the ground with humus or compost. To do this, you need to add up to 10 kg of organic fertilizers and up to 10 grams of a preparation rich in nitrogen per square meter. Also, do not forget about the fertilizers that are placed in the hole. The best option would be a drug called Urgan. Put half a teaspoon of the mixture in each groove. In areas that were fertilized in the fall, the amount applied by the drug can be reduced.

Watering plants

watering tomatoesBoth pink bovine heart tomatoes and other varieties need proper irrigation. Abundant watering should be carried out only during the period of active fruit formation. The procedure must be carried out very carefully, since the ingress of water on the deciduous plates can cause a burn. In areas affected by moisture, fungal diseases develop faster.

The water for the procedure should only be warm. This is an important condition for caring for tomatoes. Cold liquid can lead to rotting of the root system and fruit fall.

Often watering young bushes is not worth it. With excess moisture, the trunk will stretch and begin to deform. Such bushes do not have sufficient density and often break under their own weight. You can determine the wrong watering by deciduous plates. With a lack of liquid, their surface becomes fluffy, rich green, with an excess, the plates acquire a pale green tint.

Top dressing

feeding tomatoesIn order for tomatoes to give a good harvest, you need to fertilize them twice a season. The first procedure should be planned 20 days after planting seedlings in open ground. The second feeding should be carried out one month after the first. It is at this time that fruit formation falls. The bushes should be fertilized only with liquid mixtures. To do this, put 15 grams of potash fertilizer, 25 grams of a nitrogen mixture and about 40 grams of preparations with a maximum percentage of phosphorus in a bucket of water. The resulting mixture should be evenly distributed over 15 bushes. The second top dressing should be carried out in a ratio of 10 liters for every 7 bushes. In order to prevent the appearance of apical rot, the plants should be sprayed with calcium nitrate every 7 days. It is necessary to start carrying out such a procedure during the period of fruit growth. It is also recommended to periodically fertilize the tomatoes between the rows. For this, a mixture of phosphorus and nitrogen preparations is used..


mulching tomatoThis is an important procedure, thanks to which you can maintain the desired percentage of moisture inside the soil, get rid of various kinds of weeds and prevent overheating or waterlogging of the root system. As mulch, cardboard, film, sawdust, straw or peat are suitable. The material should be laid after the seedlings are planted in open ground. The mulch should make good contact with the stem. This is an important condition that will give the desired result. Before mulching, the bushes should be watered and loosened the soil a little..

Seed collection

picking tomato seedsIn order to grow healthy seedlings, you can use both purchased grains and harvest them yourself. Collect planting material only from ripe tomatoes. It is best if the fruits ripen on their own on a branch and detach from the stalk. This will allow the grains not to lose their maternal qualities. Cut ripe tomatoes into several pieces. Place the selected grains in a bowl and rinse thoroughly under running water. Then transfer the seeds to a paper towel and put in a dark place to dry. Store such grains until next year in a glass container that will be well closed.

Before you grow bovine heart tomatoes on your site, you need to carefully study the features of this plant. Observing the conditions of planting and care, you can get a crop that will surprise not only you, but all neighbors..

Oxheart tomatoes are a unique plant. Proper planting and care of which gives abundant results throughout the season. Follow a number of simple rules and, you will certainly get what you want.

Features of growing tomato Bovine heart – video

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