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Biological product Trichodermin against plant diseases

biological product Trichodermin One of the popular means for dealing with many problems at their summer cottage is the biological product Trichodermin. It has a number of advantages that make it easy to cure any culture. If you follow the instructions for use, then getting a good harvest will not be so difficult..

Biological product Trichodermin: what is it, composition and purpose

composition of the drug Trichodermin Trichodermin is not some kind of creepy “chemistry”, but a biological agent. It has a wide range of effects.

In order to get the best result, Trichodermin should be used both in spring and autumn..

The drug can be used for:

  1. Prevention of the occurrence of diseases of various cultures and their treatment.
  2. Improvements to soil characteristics. Everyone knows that many infectious agents live in the ground. If the substrate is not treated, then the plants will hurt..
  3. Treatment of seeds before sowing, which increases the resistance of seedlings to infections.
  4. Spraying of horticultural crops (trees, shrubs).
  5. Acceleration of the decomposition of organic residues in the soil.

The release form of the drug is different: liquid, tablets or fine powder.

trichodermin for plantsThe main active ingredient of Trichodermina is a fungus called Trichoderma Lignorum in Latin. It is able to suppress the vital activity of harmful bacteria that settle in the soil, cause rot and other diseases of crops. The fungus competes with them, oppresses them, does not allow them to develop. In the course of its life, the Trichoderma fungus releases biologically active compounds into the soil that have a positive effect on plants..

In order for this useful fungus to develop normally, a barley substrate is included in the product. Also, the drug includes a complex of vitamins. They ensure good development and growth of crops, contribute to soil restoration, activate the formation of roots.

Trichodermin should only be used when the weather is warm. At temperatures below +15 degrees, the fungus will not be able to develop normally and perform its functions.

The prepared solution must be used immediately, it cannot be saved – it quickly loses its properties. The drug itself can be stored for about 9 months, provided that it is not exposed to sunlight. Optimum temperature conditions +10 – +15 ° C.

Instructions for use

preparation of working solutionThe way of using the drug and its concentration depends on the goals that are pursued. The best option is prophylactic dressing of the soil in order to eliminate the cause of diseases – pathogenic bacteria. For this, the solution is prepared based on a bucket of water 10 g of the product. They watered the soil before planting the plants..

Prepare a plant treatment agent, preferably from warm water. Powder may not completely dissolve in cold liquid.

Instructions for the use of Trichodermina:

  1. Plant treatment. To do this, you need to dig out the culture, remove all particles of soil and carefully examine the rhizome. All rotten and damaged roots are removed. Prepare a solution of Trichodermin at the rate of 1 g of the drug per 1 liter of water. The rhizome of the plant is well washed in it. You can also let it sit in the liquid for 2-5 minutes. After that, they begin to plant in new soil..
  2. Presowing seed dressing. It is necessary to take 1 liter of liquid (water, milk or kefir), stir 1 g of powder in it. The seeds are soaked in such a suspension for 12 hours, then sown.
  3. If Trichodermin is purchased as a liquid, then the seeds are sprayed. Consumption rate per 1 kg of seed is 20 ml of the drug. This method is useful for processing tomato and cucumber seeds. You can spray potato tubers in the same way.
  4. Preventive watering of plants. To do this, it is allowed to water crops with an interval of 4 days at the rate of 10 ml of a liquid preparation per 1 liter of water..
  5. For spraying crops. In this case, prepare the solution as follows: dilute 200-300 ml of the product in a bucket of water. You can spray all fruit trees and shrubs, as well as grapes. Processing is carried out at intervals of 15-20 days. This is done to accelerate growth and prevent disease..treatment of plants with trichodermine

The product is not toxic to humans (hazard class 4), but gloves should be used when working with it. The drug also does not harm plants. After processing fruit crops, you need to wait a few days and you can start harvesting.

Trichodermin is an effective and safe drug that will help save many plants in the country. It is best used for prophylaxis, for watering the soil or treating seeds before sowing. This increases the vitality and yield of crops..

We do Trichodermin with our own hands – video

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