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Reliable protection of plants from parasitic insects tablet Inta-vira

insecticide inta-vir Inta-vir is the name of a common drug against garden parasites and insect pests in the home. One package contains 8 tablets that must be dissolved in water.

Do not convince the gardener that parasitic insects can pose a significant threat to his plants. Therefore, on the market of insecticides, better quality products regularly appear that make it possible to protect the crop from pests. At the same time, time-tested drugs remain, which have proven their effectiveness and competitiveness over many years of successful use. One of these developments is the drug Inta-vir.

The main characteristics of the tool

inta-vir against ants Inta-vir is a synthetic analogue of naturally occurring pyrethrin poisons. To a greater extent, they are concentrated in chamomile or chrysanthemum flowers, protecting them from harmful insects that can destroy the inflorescence.

The main active ingredient in the chemical composition of the insecticide is cypermethrin (3.75% consistency). The poison actively affects the nervous system of parasites, leading to paralysis and subsequent death of representatives of about 50 species of garden pests. Some of them die the next day after poisoning. Other species are destroyed by repeated use of the product for 1-2 months. The drug is most toxic to the following insect species:

  • Colorado beetles;
  • cabbage whites;
  • moths;
  • caterpillars – leaf eaters;
  • sawfly;
  • carrot fly;
  • thrips;
  • moths;
  • bedbugs and others.

Inta-vir also helps against aphids. But the drug will be especially effective when used together with another chemical..

Plants remain neutral to the action of the active substance. But, unfortunately, Intavir can be dangerous for beneficial insects that pollinate flowers. Therefore, you should not use an insecticide unless absolutely necessary or for preventive purposes..

For indoor plants, Inta-vir is also used. However, this should be done with caution, primarily because the drug is toxic. After using it, the room must be left for several hours, and then thoroughly ventilated..

Instructions: how to use the product

The method of using the product corresponds to similar insecticides. For the most effective effect of Inta-Vir, the instructions for use suggest the following procedure:

  • the tablet should be dissolved in 7 liters of water at room temperature, carrying out work necessarily in a ventilated place or on the street;
  • the composition is evenly applied to all crops, including those that are not affected by the parasite;
  • fruit trees should be watered with Inta-vir more abundantly, spraying 3-4 liters of chemical for each;
  • the repeated procedure is carried out only if the insects continue to parasitize on the plants, but not earlier than after 15 days, and no more than 3 times during the agricultural season;
  • the useful effect of the product will be significantly reduced if precipitation falls within 4-5 hours after treatment.

Judging by some reviews, the dissolution of the Inta-Vir tablet can take a significant amount of time. In order not to wait, gardeners recommend crushing the product into small pieces or powder before opening the package. If it is poured into water in this form, it will not affect the quality of the preparation against parasitic insects..

Do not leave the pill unopened. Even without contact with water, it will release toxins..

The remedy is best applied in early spring when the first signs of plant damage appear. At this time, the parasites are just beginning to multiply, so the insecticide will interrupt the destructive process in the bud. In addition, in the spring, fruits are not yet formed, so the particles of poison will definitely not remain on the products of the future harvest..

The use of Inta-vira in the garden when processing individual crops has some nuances. So, for example, strawberries should be sprayed before the first flowers appear..

On cherry trees, the composition is sprayed before the reddening of the fruit. For pear tree and apple tree, Intavir can be very beneficial. However, trees should not be treated earlier than two weeks after flowering..

Inta-vir for strawberries is usually applied after harvest before preparing the berries for winter. The best time for the procedure is September. Although some gardeners recommend processing in October.

For currants, Inta-vir is bred both before and after the flowering of the bush. In any case, 1.5 tablets of medicine will have to be spent on a capacity of 10 liters of water..after treatment with inta-vir

The amount of composition used can vary significantly depending on the type of parasite or crop being treated:

  1. Vegetable crops are sprayed with 10 liters of solution for every 10 acres.
  2. However, when Inta-vir is treated with tomatoes and cucumbers from aphids or against whiteflies, the concentration increases by one and a half times.
  3. Against aphids and moths parasitizing a pear or apple tree, a ten-liter bucket of solution is required for each of the trees.
  4. To protect strawberries from weevils, 1.5 liters of Inta-Vir are used per one hundred square meters.

Due to its tendency to rinse off and exposure to the wind, the drug is best applied in good weather, either in the morning or at dusk. If it suddenly rains after work, the procedure can be repeated the next day. However, in this case, the concentration of the solution should be reduced by 1.5 times, because even after precipitation, some of the chemical remains on the surface and in the soil. Inta-vir can also help against ticks.

inta-vir against spider mitesBefore using a warm shower jet, the parasites must be washed off the houseplant. The soil in the bowl can be covered with cellophane wrap. The entire surface of the plant is subject to disinfection. Additionally, the solution is applied to the windowsill or other place around the flower pot.

The tool is also used to destroy indoor bugs. However, such a procedure will require a strong concentration of the chemical:

  1. You will need to use 2 tablets per liter of water..
  2. Next, you should carefully process the entire surface of the bed, including small folds and crevices, where bloodsuckers can clog..
  3. Bedbugs live even far from the bed: behind radiators, in pieces of furniture, under wallpaper and carpet, in household appliances. For successful processing, it is necessary to identify all insect nests so that their population disappears once and for all..

The drug acts on cockroaches and ants. The rules for using the product in this case are no different from the treatment methods for bedbugs. By the way, Inta-vir from ants is also used in the garden. To do this, sprinkle the chemical powder on the soil around the anthill..

This method requires special care. The ant heap treated in this way must be fenced off from children and pets, and the product must be applied with rubber gloves and a respiratory mask..

You should not save on the concentration of the composition and you should exactly follow all the requirements of the instructions regarding the frequency of the procedure. If at least a few infected plants are missed during gardening, after a while the parasites will not only fill the treated crops, but also become resistant to the chemical. The same goes for the missed nests of parasites in the apartment..

Negative impact on a person

Like any toxin, Inta-vir requires extremely careful attention to itself. However, its danger to humans is moderate, so you should not be afraid of working with an insecticide. The main harm is caused by the ingress of the solution into the stomach. In most cases, this provokes severe intoxication..

Processing plants will require generally accepted safety measures:

  • the surface of the body should be protected with a gown, goggles, medical mask and gloves;
  • it is best to put on rubber boots;
  • after work, the clothes must be sent to the wash;
  • you should wash your hands with soap and water and wash yourself, be sure to rinse your mouth with potassium permanganate;
  • the sprayed area should be left for a few hours, and then ventilated.

Usually, even if it enters the human body, Inta-vir does not cause severe poisoning. But still, a deterioration in well-being is possible..

In no case should you ignore the first symptoms of intoxication, diarrhea and vomiting. If the poison has entered the gastrointestinal tract, it will not go away by itself. The victim will definitely need medical attention and, possibly, hospitalization.

To provide first aid, you must do the following:

  1. The most important thing is to call doctors. Even poisoning with a moderately hazardous chemical can sometimes lead to serious consequences..
  2. First aid measures include gastric lavage by drinking several glasses of water and induce vomiting.
  3. The victim should be washed with soap, he needs to rinse his mouth with a solution of potassium permanganate of low concentration.
  4. To eliminate the effects of intoxication of the body, you can take a laxative and activated charcoal (6-8 tablets).

In case of poisoning, the most important thing is to remove most of the toxin from the body as quickly as possible. The simplest security measures make it possible to achieve such a result and improve the condition of the poisoned.

Precautionary measures

inta-vir is toxic to beesTo prevent the product from deteriorating, you must remember a few rules. Firstly, long-term storage of the insecticide in an unopened package or in the form of a solution is prohibited. Secondly, Inta-Vir can only be kept at temperatures from -10 ° C to + 40 ° C, always away from food and medicine, in a dark place, inaccessible to moisture, protected from children and pets..

If, for any reason, Inta-vir has deteriorated, its use can be dangerous not only for horticultural crops and the environment, but also for humans. This chemical must be disposed of..

Before using Inta-vira, you should remember about its toxicity to bees and fish, so you should use the poison with caution near bee-farms and water bodies..

For the safety of bees, their years during the period of treatment against parasites is limited to five days. The chemical is not allowed to enter the sewerage system, rivers and lakes. Spraying is prohibited in a two-kilometer area around fish farms.

After use, residues and packaging must be disposed of. They should be buried deep in the ground or burned. To prevent the poison from entering the body with the fruits, processing should not be carried out later than 30 days before harvest.

If, for any reason, Inta-Vir does not have the desired effect, it should be alternated with another chemical. This is a more effective way of baiting insects than increasing the concentration of the toxin and the frequency of treatment..

Inta-vir is a broad-spectrum chemical. The remedy can help in many cases. It is not one of the most toxic. Therefore, the drug can be a good option when choosing an insecticide. In addition, it has many positive reviews and is sold at a reasonable price..

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