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Who needs manual mechanical brush cutters and why

trimming with hedge trimmer Manual mechanical hedge trimmers are designed for cutting hedges and bushes in a small area. If you have a small area and a few meters of decorative fence, do you need to buy a special electric or gasoline tool? A city dweller does not move much, coming to the country house is an opportunity to improve health in the fresh air. To work in silence and non-vanity with your hands, inducing beauty and pleasure. One condition is that the instrument must lie well in the hands and be sharp..

Requirements for a mechanical brush cutter

manual mechanical brush cutter All gardening tools that you need to hold in your hands are called hand-held. Manual mechanical brush cutters are set in motion by the physical force of a person. Such a tool is characterized by long handles with a comfortable grip. It is known from the school physics course that the larger the lever, the less effort is required to do the work. Therefore, garden shears differ from other tools in the length of the handles..

Manual mechanical brush cutters always have non-slip fiberglass or rubber pads on the handles for a comfortable grip. The material of the cutters is of great importance. They need to be sharp to reduce the stress on the wood. At the same time, unlike the secateurs, the cutters are wavy, which prevents the blade from slipping. If each knot is trimmed with a pruning shears, then the scissors equal the plane, and the length of the cutters determines the performance of the tool..

An electric hand hedgecutter will do the job faster, and it will take little effort, but this tool is more expensive, there is a risk of wire damage or electric shock.

Gasoline models make a lot of noise and gas exhaust, which is not very welcomed by those around. It is impossible to relax when working with mechanisms. Still, for Sunday outdoor activities in the country, it is better to choose simple garden shears.

Varieties of mechanical brush cutters

mechanical brush cutterUsually on the shelves of garden shops you can see a garden brush cutter with a total length of 50 cm, with scissors up to 25 cm. Moreover, the surfaces of the cutters are wavy. However, there are scissors with ratchets, with cutters like secateurs. Manual mechanical brush cutters with telescopic handles are designed to work with tall bushes. Traditionally, the best is the specific tool of the companies Gardena, Grinda, Rago. This is not a complete list, we invite you to get acquainted with some of the best products. All garden shears are used for trimming thin twigs, less than 2 cm in diameter. Scissors available with straight blades and spring return to reduce force, e.g. Rado models.

gardena brush cutterGardena hand brush cutters are presented on trading floors in the form of mechanical, battery, electric and gasoline scissors. The most inexpensive tool is a power scissor. They are lightweight and fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. The cutters are made of high quality steel and stay sharp for a long time. When working with tall trees, the handles are extended.

When working with hand tools, the load falls on the hands. It is important to choose a convenient device just for you..

It is imperative to remove the packaging and test the brush cutter in your hands. If, after a few movements, your hands are tired, then this is not your instrument. The fastening of the scissors at the point of meeting of the panels should be without play, but the cutting edges should be tightly adjacent.

Fiskars hedgecutter with long handleAn interesting model is Fiskars rotary manual brushcutters. Such a tool will allow you to cut the grass without bending over. The angle of inclination of the bar is adjustable, adjustable in height. The blades rotate 900 for maneuverability. There is a special support at the bottom for a complete cut with the entire plane and a lock to lock the scissors. The manufacturer guarantees the performance of the rotary scissors for 25 years..

There are many unusual models in the line of manual loppers from this manufacturer. Reinforced ratchet lopper, pruner-like pruner equipped with pressure intensifier. The blades are Teflon coated, which reduces the cutting resistance during cutting. Only these manual loppers can cut branches up to 3.8 cm in cross-section. But the models have long handles, up to 68 cm, and for pruning large trees, the bar reaches 241 cm.

fiskars brush cutterTools with contact and plane cutters have a number of new developments:

  • a mechanism that enhances the strength of the hands by 3.5 times;
  • thick knots up to 50 mm are cut in several stages;
  • handles are covered with cork, fiberglass, creating a comfortable grip.

hedge trimmer foremanMechanical manual brushcutters Brigadier have a wave-like sharpening. The gap between the planes is adjusted depending on the thickness of the branches. The blades are made of hardened steel. There are shock-absorbing stops and a self-opening mechanism. The tool is designed to work without a heavy load, since the blade length is only 15 cm.The weight of the tool is a little more than 500 grams, a good design and comfortable grips will suit female hands.

Manual brushcutter model review – video

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