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Potato variety Slavyanka will delight you with an excellent harvest and rich taste

potato variety Slavyanka Potato variety Slavyanka is the result of the work of Ukrainian breeders of the Kirovograd Institute. It was registered in the State Register of Russia in 2009. Slavyanka is unpretentious to soil and climatic conditions, but needs increased feeding. The variety is suitable for cultivation on industrial plantations and private farms. Has excellent tasting qualities, suitable for salads and frying.

Description of Slavyanka potatoes

mid-season potato variety Slavyanka Slavyanka potatoes are a mid-season table variety. The ripening period (from the day of planting to the dying off of the tops) is 110-135 days, depending on the nutritional value of the soil and the region of cultivation. A characteristic feature of the variety is its high yield, in the range of 170-320 c / ha. Potatoes are good keeping quality. After harvest, tubers are stored for a long time without loss of taste and marketability.

The quantity and quality of tubers is directly influenced by the nutritional value of the soil and the growing conditions. Subject to the rules of agricultural technology, the yield can be 400 c / ha.

Slavyanka is a bush of medium height, moderately spreading, with a small number of branchy, intensely leafy shoots. The foliage is large, dark green, slightly pubescent, strongly dissected, with noticeable venation and slightly sinuous edges. The peduncle is a compact whorl of bluish-purple flowers with white tips. After flowering, a small number of berries are formed. The plant has a well-developed root system. Tuberization is excellent, 7-15 pieces of large root crops are formed under one bush. The amount of small ovary is minimal.

Main varietal characteristics:

  • bush height – 50 cm;
  • the mass of root crops is 90-190 g (some specimens reach a weight of 250 g);
  • shape – oblong;
  • the peel is thin, smooth, evenly colored;
  • skin color – pink-purple;
  • axillary buds – shallow, inconspicuous;
  • pulp color – cream;
  • starchiness (mealy) – 11.1-13.4%;
  • value – high content of B vitamins, amino acids, pectin and proteins in root crops.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Slavianka potato variety?

potato variety Slavyanka with excellent taste

The main benefits of potatoes are:

  • excellent taste;
  • unpretentiousness to care and climatic conditions;
  • simple agricultural technology;
  • amicable ripening of tubers;
  • high yield rates;
  • versatility of use;
  • attractive presentation;
  • long keeping quality;
  • excellent immunity to major fungal diseases.

The disadvantage of Slavic potatoes is considered to be such a characteristic of the variety as the susceptibility of tubers to mechanical damage. Root crops injured during digging should be discarded, since they will quickly deteriorate during storage..

Slavyanka tubers are not susceptible to the accumulation of nitrates, and the seed material does not lose its varietal qualities over time. The fruits retain their basic qualities, presentation and rich taste until next year..

Potato application

boiled potatoesSlavyanka potatoes – selection for versatile table use. Root vegetables taste great. When boiling, the potatoes retain their shape and practically do not boil. Cooked potatoes are full-bodied, slightly sweet, with low water content and no dryness. Slavyanka potatoes are ideal for preparing first and second courses. Thanks to the small amount of starch, the tubers do not darken when cutting and cooking. All cooked dishes are yellow-golden in color..

How the potato variety Slavyanka is grown

growing potatoesSlavyanka is an undemanding potato variety, adaptable to any climatic conditions, varieties of soils and lighting conditions. You can get a good harvest without proper care, which is optimal for novice gardeners. But in order to get a record yield of Slavyanka potatoes, it is necessary to ensure compliance with the basic rules for planting and caring for the crop..

Landing features:

  1. It is recommended to choose planting areas that are even and well lit, with light, sandy soil..
  2. Soil that retains moisture is not suitable, as this can lead to plant rot.
  3. Pre-planting preparation includes the introduction of humus.
  4. Before planting, the tubers should be germinated to ensure better germination..sprouted potato tubers
  5. Planting material must be etched with special preparations.
  6. Tubers should be planted in a soil warmed up to + 10-12 ° C.planting sprouted potatoes
  7. For planting, it is necessary to prepare pits 7-15 cm deep, spaced from each other at a distance of 30-35 cm.The recommended row spacing is 75-80 cm.
  8. It is necessary to add wood ash with humus to each hole, then planting tubers.

When digging a plot for planting in the soil, it is recommended to add phosphorus, potash and nitrogen fertilizers, which contribute to the early germination of seed material and the further formation of root crops.

The Slavyanka potato variety belongs to the intensive type, therefore it is picky about regular feeding, but does not need frequent watering. Fertilization is recommended by alternating mineral and organic fertilizers.

The main agrotechnical measures for the care of the crop include:

  1. Watering. It is enough to irrigate the soil before germination, during budding and flowering.watering potato plantingsdrip irrigation of potatoes
  2. Mulching. During a prolonged drought, the aisles should be covered with rotted grass, needles or foliage..mulching potatoes with straw
  3. Weeding. It is recommended to remove weeds manually..
  4. Hilling. Promotes an increase in the volume of loose soil, which favorably affects the development and growth of root crops.hilling potatoes
  5. Treatment with pesticides. At the first signs of the appearance of diseases and pests, it is recommended to spray.

yield of potato varieties SlavyankaHaving considered all the characteristics of the variety, the advantages and disadvantages, everyone can be convinced of the uniqueness of the Slavyanka potato. This culture has long been recognized by gardeners who have been growing potatoes for a long time. Slavyanka is a variety that guarantees high yields, subject to growing recommendations.

Digging potato variety Slavyanka – video

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