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We grow hot bell peppers on the windowsill, in the greenhouse and in the open garden

hot bell pepper

This year I decided to plant a bell pepper once again. Lovers of hot foods will appreciate its fruits. I hasten to share my observations and results.

Characteristics of the variety

fruits of hot peppers of an unusual shape

Today, no one is surprised by the bell peppers of red, yellow or green colors, but the bell clearly stands out against their background. Outwardly, it resembles a flower bud and can be used in the garden as an ornamental plant..

hot bell peppers in the greenhouse

You can find out hot red bell pepper by the following characteristics:

  • bush 2 meters high;
  • original bell pepper shape;
  • fruit weight up to 100 g;
  • powerful stems;
  • dense fleshy pulp of hot pepper;
  • sprawling bushes;
  • the growing season is 140-150 days.

My friend has been growing the culture at home on the windowsill for more than one year. If the climate is suitable, then the plant will delight the gardener with a harvest for several years..

In the description of the bell pepper variety, it is also worth mentioning the high yield. It is 1.5-2 kg from each bush.

The benefits and harms of chili bell peppers

unique properties of hot pepper

The unique pepper appeared in South America, and in Russia it began to be grown relatively recently..

Gardeners loved him for a number of advantages.:

  • exotic appearance;
  • excellent taste with pungency;
  • large fruits;
  • the possibility of growing red bell pepper at home;
  • content of essential oils;
  • the presence of antioxidants and vitamins;
  • not too difficult care.

moderate consumption of hot peppers

Spice has a beneficial effect on the body and gives great benefits:

  • relieves stress and insomnia;
  • strengthens the vascular walls;
  • enhances immunity;
  • stimulates brain activity.

Bell peppers will not bring any serious harm. The main thing is to make sure that there are no problems with the gastrointestinal tract and heart rhythm..

How to grow hot bell peppers

growing hot peppers from seeds

The cultivation of hot bell peppers did not cause me much difficulty. True, it was not immediately possible to find planting material. The last time I purchased the seeds was in February from an experienced gardener who collected them 4 years ago..

Planting seeds

sprouts of seeds of hot bell pepper

The cultivation process begins with soaking the planting material. Fitosporin, manganese solution, is suitable for this. Then the seeds should be put in wet gauze, covered with plastic wrap and left in a warm place until sprouts appear..

Further, it is important to follow some rules.:

  1. For disembarkation, ordinary plastic cups with small slots for air intake are suitable.
  2. Ideal soil contains fertile soil and some wood ash.
  3. The glass should be covered with earth by two thirds.
  4. Seeds must be planted to a depth of 5 cm.
  5. It is important to take care of the room temperature. It should not be less than 22 degrees above zero..
  6. The best place for hot bell peppers is a well-lit windowsill. If the day is short, fluorescent lamps can be used..
  7. Seedlings will have to be planted very carefully, because the root system of the pepper is very fragile. You can’t pinch it.

Before sowing seedlings, it is better to check the lunar calendar..

For watering, I use settled liquid. If the weather permits, I take out the seedlings on the balcony so that the culture gets used to it and hardens. Such “walks” should be gradually increased. Drafts and sudden gusts of wind are dangerous for the plant.

Open ground transplant

transplanting hot pepper seedlings

The bell should be repotted after the residual frost has passed. The seedling should have about 10 adult leaves. A cloudy day is perfect.

Basic transplant rules:

  1. Distance between bushes – 0.5 m.
  2. There should be no strong wind on the site.
  3. Ideal for planting where cabbage or legumes used to grow.
  4. It is better to add mineral fertilizers and wood ash to the hole..
  5. After planting, it is necessary to water the seedlings with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, and mulch the ground around.

If immediately after transplanting the weather has deteriorated and a lot of precipitation has fallen, the plant should be covered with foil. For the winter, the culture will have to be insulated or moved indoors..

For planting the bell, a well-lit area is chosen. Only in such a place can the fruits be fully formed..

How to care for a bell

features of hot bell pepper care

To get a guaranteed yield, a number of crop care measures should be followed..

Garter and trim

To prevent fungal diseases, I prune leaves and shoots up to the first ovary. As I grow, I remove the vertical processes. After harvesting, I remove all shoots.

A tall bush must be tied to a support.

Watering and feeding

using wood ash for pepper

Hot peppers do not like drought. You should regularly water the culture with warm water and monitor the soil moisture. Cold liquid is not suitable.

The roots of the plant are practically on the surface of the earth, so the soil should not dry out more than 2-3 cm.

The main stages of fertilization:

  • 2 weeks after transplantation – organic matter;
  • during the budding period – wood ash;
  • after 21 days – a complex of minerals.

If the soil is always too wet, it can lead to fungal rot. It is not necessary to loosen the beds deeply. I prefer to mulch them with straw, peat or humus..

When to harvest

vintage hot bell peppers

I shoot the fruits selectively. Sometimes I pick green peppers because they are sweeter. In just a week, the bells turn redder and acquire a pungent taste..

It takes about 150 days from the appearance of the first shoots to harvest..

To prevent the fruits from spoiling quickly, they must be properly stored. Fresh spicy bell peppers can be kept for 2 days, in the refrigerator – up to 5 weeks.

Before buying the seeds of this variety, I read a lot of reviews about it. Most gardeners admire him, praise his unpretentiousness and amazing taste. Even beginners can handle the cultivation of hot red bell peppers.

chili pepper adjika bell

I grind the fruit in a coffee grinder and use it for various dishes. I especially like to cook fragrant pilaf with a piquant note and burning adjika. I’d like to try the recipe for spicy pickled bell peppers. And what kind of dishes do you cook from them?

What is the difference between hot bell peppers and other varieties – video

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