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For a small garden, choose a high-yielding dwarf apple tree Bratchud

dwarf apple tree Bratchud The dwarf apple tree Bratchud or Brother of the Chudny is one of the new, but already popular varieties of Russian selection. It is suitable for growing in the northern regions of the country, since Bratchud is an excellent example of frost resistance, unpretentiousness and high yields. Thanks to its neat, compact crown and miniature size, Brother Chudny will be the best option for small backyards.

Dwarf apple tree Bratchud – features and characteristics of the variety

high-yielding apple variety Bratchud The originators of the dwarf apple Bratchud are the breeders of the Chelyabinsk Experimental Station of the South Ural Research Institute of Fruit and Vegetable and Potato Growing M.A.Mazunin and V.I.Putinin. The varieties Uralskoe Zimnee and Vydubetskaya Plakuchaya were used as parental species. The resulting dwarf variety was distinguished by increased winter hardiness with excellent yield indicators. In 2001, Bratchud was entered into the State Register of Russia.

Description of apple tree Bratchud:

  1. The height of a natural dwarf does not exceed 2.4-2.8 m, on dwarf rootstocks – no more than 1.2-1.5 m.
  2. Root system of a medium-deep or superficial type, spreading, with numerous lateral processes.
  3. The crown is flat-rounded, 3.3-3.5 m in diameter, becomes more spreading with age. Shoots extend from the trunk at right angles.
  4. Branches are strong and thick, covered with smooth bark without pubescence, brown-green or green.
  5. The leaf plates are dense and leathery, large and medium, with a shiny glossy surface and light pubescence on the back. The leaves have short-pointed tips and wavy edges that may curl slightly.
  6. The apples are large or medium in size, their weight can reach 120-220 g. The fruits have an oblong-elongated or rounded shape, a smooth skin with a glossy sheen of a green or yellowish-green hue. Depending on the growing conditions, they can have a pink-red “blush”.

The dwarf apple tree Bratchud belongs to the high-yielding varieties. With proper care, each tree can be harvested up to 140-170 kg per season..

Growing a dwarf apple tree Bratchud

high-yielding apple variety BratchudThe dwarf apple tree Bratchud is zoned for cultivation in all regions of Russia, including in the north of the country. For planting a tree, it is best to choose a well-lit area on a hill, protected from drafts. The soil must be loose and fertile.

Planting of seedlings is carried out in the second half of April or early May. In the southern regions, planting work can be postponed to September-October. Due to the mild and warm winter, the seedling will have time to take root and get stronger before the onset of spring.

For planting apple trees, it is best to choose 2-year-old seedlings purchased from specialized gardening stores. They must be healthy, free from rot, dryness and other damage..

Sapling planting scheme

seedling planting rulesThe site for planting the Bratchud dwarf apple tree needs to be prepared 4-5 weeks before planting. To do this, you need to dig up the soil to a depth of at least 20 cm and prepare planting holes 80-100 cm deep and wide. Leave a distance of 2.5-3.5 m between the holes.

Sapling planting scheme:

  • stir garden soil with a glass of wood ash, superphosphate and 3 buckets of compost or peat;
  • pour the prepared soil mixture into the hole, adding a layer of drainage and form a mound;
  • lower the apple tree seedling onto the formed mound and gently spread its roots;
  • the root collar of the apple tree should rise 8-10 cm above the ground level;
  • sprinkle the planting hole with soil mixture and lightly tamp.

Place a small earthen rampart around the planting hole and water the seedling liberally, pouring 2-3 buckets of warm water under each tree. Cover the trunk circle with compost, peat or other organic material to retain moisture.

Bratchud apple tree care rules

features of caring for an apple treePlanting and caring for the Bratchud apple tree is light and simple, which has led to the wide popularity of this variety among novice gardeners..

For high yields, it is enough to follow a few simple agrotechnical rules.:

  1. Watering is carried out as needed, on average 4-6 times throughout the season. Warm and settled water is poured directly into the trunk circle in the amount of 5-6 buckets.
  2. Loosening – carried out after each watering of the tree. It prevents the formation of a dense crust on the soil surface. Simultaneously with loosening, it is necessary to remove weeds from the trunk circle.
  3. Top dressing – in the first half of spring, before the start of the growing season, Bratchud can be fed with nitrogen (urea), during flowering, use complex mineral fertilizers for fruit crops, and after harvesting, add compositions based on potassium and phosphorus.

Apple tree Bratchud is one of the most popular dwarf varieties of Russian selection. The secret of its popularity lies in its miniature, compact size, combined with excellent frost resistance and high yield under any climatic conditions..

Dwarf apple tree Bratchud bears fruit – video

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