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Peony roses – a fragrant pleasure

peony rose photoThe world saw peony roses only at the end of the twentieth century. Since then, the popularity of these flowers has only grown..

These roses are indeed in the shape of peonies. Among other colors, they are distinguished by the widest color palette..

Gardeners appreciate this type of bush flowers because they grow quickly and do not need constant care. The advantage of this plant is disease resistance and unattractiveness to pests..

How to plant roses peonies?

Anyone who wants to plant peony roses will have to stock up on a lot of fertilizer. Horse manure is considered the best option, since it leaves nitrogen in the ground without absorbing it. The layer of this substance, ideally, should not be thinner than 2 cm.

The bush hole should be wide (about 1 m in diameter) and deep (about 0.5 m). If the pit is smaller, then the root system will not be able to grow and form a branched system. Compost or fertilizer is placed in a dug hole.

bouquet of peony roses photo The roots of the plant must be treated with a preparation that promotes growth before planting. It should be planted about 10 cm deep – then the peony roses will feel comfortable even with sharp frosts of the soil.

According to the planting scheme, the bushes should be planted at a distance of 0.5 m from each other in a triangle. Thanks to this, dense thickets are formed, which makes it seem that everything is strewn with flowers. You can verify this by looking at the photo of peony roses. However, in order to achieve the effect of the abundance of these beautiful flowers, it is necessary to choose for planting 3 bushes of the same variety or variety, which are of the same type in growth.

How to get a lush bouquet of peony roses?

When caring for roses, as mentioned, fertilizers play an important role. In the spring, gardeners need to apply special dressing for different varieties of roses. With the onset of June, you need to take care of nitrogen fertilizers. When the buds will form, you need to have time with fertilizers, including phosphorus and calcium.

The adage “the more the better” does not apply to the fertilization of peony roses. Therefore, the recommended proportions must be strictly observed, otherwise there is a risk that the plant will turn yellow and shed its leaves. Then it will not be possible to make a bouquet of peony roses, which is often ordered for special events, in particular weddings..

To make a photo of peony roses pleasing to the eye

roses peoniesWhen planting bushes of peony roses, you need to keep in mind the following nuances of care:

  • It is better to water the plant in the evening (moisture does not evaporate) as the soil dries.
  • To make the bush look like a reference peony rose, it must be pruned with secateurs before the buds open. Old and weak shoots are removed.
  • The branches of the bush should be pruned by about 1/3. If the gardener is fluent in the tool – garden shears, you can give the bush a non-standard shape.
  • It is necessary to stop feeding the plant from the end of August. Ripe shoots are pruned in mid-October, as are the leaves..
  • To prepare for winter, you need to cover the stems with soil or sawdust. Foliage is also suitable for this. A straw shelter is being made to the top, although as a cap, it is made of foam. To prevent the plant from dying from lack of air, it is forbidden to cover it with a film..

Peony roses are worth growing. From them you can get not only aesthetic pleasure, but also turn a hobby into a profitable business..

Video: caring for roses

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