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Perennial flowers in the garden and garden: iris, peony and chrysanthemum

Flowers in the garden and vegetable garden Do you want to enjoy the beauty and richness of colors from early spring to late autumn? Then the best option would be to choose perennial bush crops. You can, for example, plant iris, peony and chrysanthemum for phased flowering..

Why is it better to plant perennial flowers in the garden and vegetable garden?

Many do not risk placing such plants on their site. The main reason is concerns about possible root damage during severe winter cold. But if you properly carry out the autumn preparation for frost, you do not need to worry about it. In addition, there are a number of advantages:

  • it is worth spending extra time planting and caring for the first year, and then enjoying the abundant flowering for a long time;
  • growing, shrubs occupy a large area that does not require weeding;
  • most plants are quite resistant to various diseases and pests;
  • flowers tolerate drought well and are very unpretentious.

Where is it better to plant flowers: in the garden or in the vegetable garden?

Where to plant flowers in the garden Before starting work, you need to decide on the choice of location. Flowers in the garden often lack light. In this case, the vegetable garden is more suitable for planting those varieties that begin to grow rapidly and eject buds in summer. The early spring ones can then be placed under the crowns of trees, since before the leaves fully open, they usually almost bloom. One of these plants is iris..

Variety of colors and shapes

Irises unusually decorate the site, not only thanks to their fancy colors, but also to the extravagant outlines of the petals. The varieties differ depending on the length of the peduncles. The higher they are, the later the bud ejection period. Usually – from early May to mid-June.

Fragrant flowers in the garden and vegetable garden: king “peony”

Flowers in the gardenHe received such a title thanks to the amazing smell that spreads throughout the entire area when it blooms. In the southern regions of the country, lush, spreading bushes fill with buds-caps from mid-May. If the spring is protracted, the first flowering may occur in the first days of June. Choose areas for planting that will be in direct sunlight for at least part of the day. You can also use a two-stage technology by sowing annuals around the plants. After removing the flowers, cut the bush after 1-2 weeks, thereby allowing young shoots of other crops to grow.

Decorating the garden and vegetable garden with bright flowers before the first snow

Chrysanthemums are amazing plants with an unusually long flowering period. They begin to bush from June to early July. The first buds appear on them in the middle of summer. Some varieties decorate areas up to December and are able to withstand a drop in temperature to 0 ° C, pleasing the eye with flowering bushes sprinkled with the first hoarfrost.

Video about a variety of chrysanthemums and the rules for their breeding

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