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Cherry tomatoes – growing at home on a windowsill

In the photo, undersized cherry tomatoes on the windowsill Among the huge selection of different varieties of tasty and healthy tomatoes, Cherry can be distinguished – a variety that was bred in the mid-70s by scientific breeders. Its main feature is the delicious sweet taste, the small size of the tomato, and the arrangement, not in pairs or singly, but in clusters. A big advantage here was also the fact that today it is quite possible to grow Cherry tomatoes on the balcony and windowsill, and with proper care and perseverance, you can get a very good harvest. So everyone who does not have their own personal plot can make such a mini-garden right on their loggia or balcony..

What is needed to grow cherry tomatoes on a windowsill?

To get a bountiful harvest of tasty and juicy tomatoes, you should carefully study the secrets of their cultivation, since without this it is not easy to succeed. Only knowing the breeding characteristics of the variety, the rules and time of sowing, the composition of the soil, the irrigation regime and the degree of lighting can a good result be achieved.

Low-growing cherry tomatoes on the windowsill - photo

An important role is also played by the seeds of cherry tomatoes, which must be of high quality and live. The experience of many gardeners who grow Cherries right in their apartments suggests that everyone, with a responsible approach, can grow them. To do this, you just need to properly prepare the place, which should be dry, warm, ventilated and well-lit by the sun throughout the day..

Cherry tomatoes varieties that can be grown on the balcony:

  • Pearl;
  • Rowan miracle;
  • Bonsai;
  • Golden bunch;
  • Little Red Riding Hood;
  • Totem;
  • Pinocchio;
  • Balcony miracle;
  • Minibel;
  • Mio;
  • Teenie Tim;
  • Acrobat.

Pictured are cherry tomatoes in pots grown on a windowsill

Regardless of the characteristics of each of the varieties, all fruits have a pronounced taste, while having the same mineral and vitamin composition.

Despite the fact that cherry tomatoes are high in sugars, small tomatoes are low in calories and therefore do not contribute to weight gain. At the same time, it is undesirable for people who suffer from peptic ulcer to eat them..

But for everyone else, our compatriots can confidently recommend eating tasty small tomatoes..

Features of planting and growing cherry tomatoes

In the photo, tall cherry tomatoesKnowing the basic secrets of growing cherry tomatoes, a person will be able to properly observe all the conditions that will contribute to good fruit setting and high yields in general. First of all, it should be noted that, like other varieties of Cherry, they can be tall, medium and short, not counting also the hybrid and varietal characteristics of each of them..

So, here you can give general recommendations, adhering to which the chances of getting tasty and juicy berries increase significantly. Of course, all operations must be performed with a soul, but those who are going to grow Cherry tomatoes probably love to do this business. Having set a goal and painted out step by step all the operations performed, one can hope for undoubted success in the form of a good harvest of delicious tomatoes. And proper care of Cherry tomatoes will ensure undoubted success and the opportunity to treat your relatives with delicious vegetables..

Here’s what you need to take into account when growing this tomato variety:

  • Land for planting is usually taken in a ratio of sand and black soil 1: 4 or 1: 3
  • Cherry tomato seeds are not soaked before planting, but are immediately placed in boxes, cups or other containers prepared for planting, embedding them in the ground not very deeply. It is recommended to cover the ground with transparent cling film.
  • After the first shoots appear, the film is removed, but not earlier than 5 days after planting..
  • For better germination of seeds, immediately after planting them in the soil, the ground is watered with warm water
  • After the sprouts have grown by 5-6 cm, thinning is done, however, if the seeds have not sprouted all, it is possible that thinning is not required..
  • Plants are periodically watered, the ground is kept loose (for air access to the roots).
  • In order for Cherry tomatoes grown at home to give a bountiful harvest, they need to be fed periodically, but not more often than 1 time per week..
  • If tall varieties are planted, then it is imperative to put pegs to which the plant will tie.

Additional Information for Getting a Good Harvest Cherry Tomato

It should be noted that all Cherry tomatoes, varieties of which are intended for cultivation at home, usually bear fruit 2-4 months after planting. At the same time, ripening occurs quite quickly, and with good fertilizers and abundant watering, the bush can bear fruit for 5-6 months. It is important to know that Cherry tomatoes are not pinned, and for a good harvest, the main leaves of the bushes cannot be cut off. During the period of ovaries, it is not necessary to feed, since this should be done at the very beginning of planting, when the shoots are stretching and the development of the ground part, and also after the fruits have set and turned into small green berries.

Growing in suitable containers

The photo shows a bountiful harvest of cherry tomatoes grown in potsThe choice of suitable pots should be taken very carefully, since the good condition of the plant directly depends on the condition of the root system. In principle, the containers should not be very deep, since pots 10-15 cm deep, but up to 20 cm wide are suitable here. The main factors that affect good fruiting are also the degree of illumination and the optimal temperature. The most suitable place for growing a crop is a wide window sill, but if there is an insulated loggia, then it is also perfect for these purposes..

Tasty and healthy Cherry tomatoes, the cultivation of which is available to everyone today, are grown today by many of our compatriots, and many of them willingly share tips and little secrets of a good harvest. Thanks to the long harvesting cycle, a person can always serve fresh and tasty tomatoes to the table, which have a pleasant aroma and delicious taste. In this case, it is best to remove the brown fruits, which at the same time allows you to accelerate the ripening of other fruits. If the weather is cloudy for a long time, then many home gardeners recommend turning on a table lamp to better illuminate the plant, which contributes to good plant growth..

Delicious and healthy fruits of cherry tomatoes are available to everyone

The photo shows a tall variety of cherry tomatoes grown in flower potsWith a careful study of the peculiarities of growing this variety of tomatoes, one can come to the conclusion that, in principle, there is nothing complicated in this. Many thousands of our compatriots turn their balconies and loggias into a kind of winter garden. Only instead of flowers, you can see ovaries of small bright-red fruits here. And how pleasant it is to eat tomatoes grown on your windowsill, since their delicious aroma can never be compared with purchased factory vegetables.

In conclusion, it should be noted that with a responsible approach and careful study of all the necessary tips and recommendations, the chances of getting an excellent result are significantly increased. The most important thing is patience, which will surely pay off with an abundant and tasty harvest, which all family members will surely appreciate. Bright and colorful Cherry tomatoes, photos of which can be found on the network, will best prove the fact that it is quite possible to get a bountiful harvest..

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Cherry tomatoes on the balcony – video

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