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Instructions for the use of Plantafol for plant nutrition

instructions for the use of plantafol Plantafol is a chelated mineral fertilizer. The instructions for use of Plantafol determine the main task of the drug, according to which, it is to help plants lacking trace elements. Complex organic compounds of the agent (chelates) are able to immediately enter into chemical reactions immediately after their use. This ensures high fertilization efficiency..

However, the main advantage of Plantafol is the fact that its active elements are completely absorbed by almost all plants. Therefore, they are not absorbed into the soil and are not washed out..

Composition and description of the drug

fertilizer composition Fertilizer composition – a set of essential substances that provide plants with nutrients during the growing season.

The main ones are nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, which provide cultivated plants:

  • an increase in green mass and the generation of chlorophyll;
  • construction of genetic material and proteins;
  • energy replenishment, development and growth;
  • strengthening the immune system and its restoration;
  • an increase in turgor in the cells (tension of living cells);
  • resistance to adverse climatic and weather conditions.

Plantafol is a powder preparation, green. It is supplied to the market in packaged form. Each package is sealed and supplied with instructions. Fertilizer manufacturer Valagro company (Valagro, Italy, specializes in the production of plant care products).

plantafolThe weight of the packages is different: 25 g, 1 kg, 5 kg, 25 kg. The first two are aimed at home use, in small areas (summer cottages). Bigger volume – for established farms.

As mentioned above, the basis of Plantafol is nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, which are presented in different proportions in the markings..

In addition to them, the composition of the drug includes:

  • about 6% nitrate ions;
  • ammonium;
  • phosphoric anhydride;
  • amino group compounds;
  • potassium oxides;
  • microelements in a complex.

Terms of use

using plantafol for garlicInstructions for the use of Plantafol informs users that there are no contraindications for using it to plants in different periods of the growing season. However, you should take into account its markings.

Universal composition (marking 20.20.20) suitable for any situation.

to accelerate plant development

Plantafol is recommended for use when detecting:

  • insufficient activity of culture development, identification of root rot at an early stage;
  • problems with aeration, leading to the initial stages of contamination of the soil and cultivated plants with phyto-diseases, mycelium;
  • low indicators of nutrient components, vermicompost;
  • difficult natural conditions (abundance of precipitation, drought, high air humidity, soil frosts);
  • ovary development lag.

General terms of use

fertilizer for different plantsCrystalline powder The platform, regardless of the form of packaging and labeling, dissolves freely in water. In order to prepare the working fluid, use settled water at room temperature.

The appropriate capacity is pre-selected, for which calculations are carried out. It is recommended to prepare the working mixture immediately in the spray container..

Dissolved Plantafol is applied to the leaves, on the green mass, rarely at the root. As a result, the efficiency of the solution is optimal when it is sprayed with a spray gun..

Plantafol is a safe remedy, but it is recommended to protect the skin and mucous membranes, since the composition of the drug can have a negative effect on allergy sufferers.

foliar feedingFoliar top dressing is classified as toxicity category 3 by the manufacturer. It is safe for humans and the environment. It can be applied in areas located near water bodies..

Fertilizer can be mixed with pesticides. In this case, the effectiveness of the mixtures formed is achieved by the presence in the composition of surfactants (surfactants) and phosphorus.

Instructions for the use of Plantafol of various markings

Instructions for the use of Plantafol of various markings

The manufacturer supplies Plantafol with the following markings:

  1. 30 10 10 – predominance of nitrogen. Recommended during active vegetation, growth and formation of crops.
  2. 10 54 10 – the predominance of phosphorus. It is most effective during the period of bud formation, the formation of the root system. Optimal as a top dressing of green mass before and during flowering.
  3. 0 25 50 – combined composition. It has a positive effect on the ovary of plants, as a result of which it is recommended for use during the flowering period.
  4. 5 15 45 – predominance of potassium. Promotes the acceleration of metabolic processes in plants. It has a positive effect on the development of fruits. Strengthens the immune system of plants, enhances their resistance to pathogens.
  5. 20 20 20 – universal composition. The optimal combination of all nutrients necessary for plants has been selected. Application is possible at all stages of crop development.

As a foliar application, Plantafol is used in the form of a solution using a spray bottle (spray). In order to process 1 sq. M. requires from 17 mm to 27 mm of its volume.

Brief instructions for the use of Plantafol for different plants

Brief instructions for the use of Plantafol for different plants

How to dilute plantafol for processing different types of plants and in what periods of their development to use it depends on the type of culture and the ripening time:

  1. For fruit and berry crops, the drug is used both during the budding period and before the formation of the first fruit ovaries. The interval between treatments is 1.5 – 2 weeks. For the solution, you need to take 30 g of Plantafol and dilute them in 10 liters of water.
  2. Vegetable crops are cultivated in the early stages of vegetative development. For spraying, a solution is used, which is prepared as follows: 30 g – 35 g of Plantafol are dissolved in 10 l of water. With an interval of 1.5 weeks, vegetables are processed 2-3 times per season. tomato processingThe use of Plantafol on cucumbers is somewhat different from the usual scheme. They are also treated under the root with a solution for vegetable crops.. feeding cucumbers
  1. For ornamental crops, flowers, garden plants, the drug is used 2 times a season. With an interval of 7-8 days. In this case, 15 g – 25 g of the substance is diluted in 10 liters of water.
  2. Field crops are sprayed with Plantofol no more than 2 times a season. To do this, 45 g of the substance is dissolved in 10 l of water..
  3. Fertilizer Plantafol for grapes is prepared as follows: for 10 liters of solution – 20 g – 30 g of powder. Up to 25 ml of solution is consumed per square meter. Depending on the stage of development of the grapes, when identifying specific problems with him, different markings are used..spraying grapes
  4. Plantafol for potatoes is used in smaller quantities. The solution is prepared at the rate of 20 g -25 g per 10 liters of water. And they process this culture at least 3 times per season..potato processing

Leaf fertilizer Plantafol can also be an addition to root fertilizers. They are used when it is necessary to urgently bring certain elements to the plants. Usually with a lack of moisture, or with an excess of it. Plantafol for root dressing is effective after frost and in extreme heat. When the roots cannot deliver useful trace elements to other parts of the plant.

Due to the content of important nutrients, the preparation is the first aid in eliminating problems with plants and soil..

Plantafol’s analogs

Plantafol analogs are presented on the market and it is not difficult to purchase them. Among the main ones, the following stand out:

  1. Nutrivant is a water-soluble drug. It contains a set of micro and macro elements useful for plants. Environmentally friendly substance that does not contain chlorine. Safe for humans. Nutrivant is compatible with mono-compound fertilizers.analog nutritional
  2. Plant growth stimulator “Master” (company “Valagro”). Provides fast and high-quality ripening of the crop. The drug is most effective for drip irrigation. Popular with summer residents and farmers due to its economy and high efficiency.growth stimulator master
  3. “Megafol” provides protection of plants from pests and negative weather conditions. Its chemical constituents stimulate the growth of cultivated plants, ensuring their sustainable development. Harvests, when using “Megafol”, differ in abundance and quality characteristics. However, in comparison with Plantafol, it is more expensive. It is also not safe for small animals..drug megafol
  4. “Kemira”. It is used dry and dissolved in water during soil cultivation and seedling care. Allows, when used correctly, to increase yields up to 60%.kemira

Plantafol is a universal product suitable for most cultivated plants. Provides significant assistance in the fight against diseases, makes up for the lack of trace elements. With its help, farmers get impressive results when growing raspberries, grapes, vegetables..

Varieties of Plantafol – video

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