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Nettle as a fertilizer for plants: features, rules of application, recipes for preparing dressings

nettle as a fertilizer for plants Nettle, as a fertilizer for plants, is very popular with gardeners. Firstly, this is a top dressing available to everyone, which allows you to enrich the soil with minerals and increase yields. Secondly, it becomes a natural protector against pests. Its use avoids the use of chemicals that adversely affect human health. Therefore, everyone who wants to get a rich and safe harvest should remember the features of such feeding and the rules for its introduction..

Why nettle is useful as a fertilizer for plants

Why nettle is useful as a fertilizer for plants Nettle contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals. The high concentration of nitrogen, calcium, iron, magnesium and copper in it is of particular value for plants..

Fertilizing with nettle for plants can achieve the following results:

  1. Increase yields.
  2. Strengthen the immunity of crops.
  3. Increase plant foliage, stimulate the growth of the root system.
  4. Increase the survival rate of seedlings.
  5. Saturate the soil with nutrients necessary for the full growth and development of plants.
  6. Protect crops from aphids and slugs.

nettle in the form of root dressingNettle-based fertilizers are used for root dressing and leaf spraying. The positive effect is noticeable after a couple of days. The shoots of plants become stronger, the leaves acquire a rich green hue.

It is possible to make top dressing from nettle at any stage of plant development. The procedures are carried out at least three times per season: after planting seedlings, before flowering and at the stage of fruit setting.

For which plants is nettle useful, and which plants can it harm?

Despite all the benefits of nettle as a plant fertilizer, it can harm some crops..

Such feeding is prohibited for:

  • garlic;
  • legumes;
  • Luke;
  • radish;
  • potatoes;
  • beets;
  • carrots.

Using nettles on these plants will result in vigorous tops growing. But the formation of root crops and pods will stop. You will not be able to get a good harvest.

watering sweet pepperAll other crops respond positively to nettle fertilizers. Particularly effective is the introduction of dressings for tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and cabbage. Fertilization of berry crops and indoor plants gives a good result..

Preparation of infusion

preparation of infusionIt is important to properly prepare the fertilizer so that the plants can get all the nutrients from the nettle. An important role is played by the fermentation process, which the raw material must go through. As a result, a large number of beneficial microorganisms are formed that can improve the quality of the soil. Only after fermentation do minerals change into a form available to plants.

The best answer to the question of how to make an infusion of nettle is a classic time-tested recipe:

  1. Pluck young shoots of nettles. Fertilizer can only be prepared before the seeds appear..pick nettles for preparation of infusion
  2. The stems and leaves are crushed and placed in a barrel. It is better if the container turns out to be plastic or wooden. The metal can react with the infusion, which will negatively affect the quality of the fertilizer. The container should be half full.
  3. Boiling water is poured into the barrel so that it completely covers the nettle.
  4. Cover the container with a lid and leave for two weeks..
  5. Every day the barrel is opened and the infusion is mixed well. So the fertilizer will be enriched with oxygen, beneficial microorganisms will begin to multiply more actively.

After two weeks, foam will appear on the surface of the liquid. Nettle infusion for plants will acquire a rich dark shade. This suggests that it can be used.

Microorganisms die when the water is heated above 35 degrees. Therefore, do not put the infusion barrel in a sunny place. Better to shade her.

How stinging nettle is used as a plant fertilizer

nettle as a fertilizer for plantsOn the backyard, nettle can be used as an infusion, as a mulch for plants and as a herb for composting..

Application of nettle infusion

infusion of nettle in a barrelFor root dressings from nettle for plants, the infusion is filtered through gauze. After that, it is diluted in clean water in a ratio of 1 to 10. All the necessary crops are watered with the finished fertilizer. One plant will require about 1 liter of finished fertilizer. It is undesirable to make top dressing on dry ground. It is best to do this after rain or pre-irrigation with clean water..

ready-made nettle infusionThe infusion can also be used for spraying. In this case, the working solution is made less concentrated. Otherwise, burn marks may appear on the leaves. Filtered nettle infusion is diluted in water in a ratio of 1 to 20. The resulting liquid is poured into a sprayer and set to work.

Irrigation is carried out only in calm weather in the morning or late in the evening.

Using cake

After filtration of the nettle infusion, the cake remains. It does not need to be thrown away. He himself will be an excellent fertilizer..

Oilcake is used:

  1. When digging the soil in the autumn. Embedding it in the ground will provide food for the earthworms necessary for aerating the earth and saturating it with humus..
  2. For mulching tree trunks and shrubs. This will avoid freezing the root system during the winter months..

The cake can also be added when preparing a new portion of the infusion. It will speed up the fermentation process of fresh grass.

Composting nettles

nettle mulchEffective fertilization can be obtained by composting. The production of such a fertilizer is time consuming. First of all, equip a place for mixing the mixture. It is recommended for this to dig a hole in the farthest corner of the site. It should not be located close to the house, since an unpleasant smell will emanate from it during the discussion of grass. You can also make a special wood composter.

Dry leaves or straw, earth and fresh shoots of nettles are laid in the pit in layers of 10 cm. The resulting “pie” is spilled with water with the addition of any preparation containing microorganisms, for example, “Baikal”. The pit is covered with plastic wrap and left to rot. For the first three weeks, it must be regularly shoveled with a pitchfork. This will saturate the mixture with oxygen. After the process of active decay begins, it will be possible to mix the contents of the pit once every two weeks..

Nettle ash

nettle ashAsh obtained by burning dried stalks of nettle will also be an excellent fertilizer for plants. It contains a huge amount of trace elements. The most valuable of them is potassium. It is necessary for the normal development and fruiting of many crops..

To prepare the ashes, freshly cut stalks of nettles are left to dry for 24 hours. After that, they are burned without the use of gasoline or other ignition. After the resulting ash has cooled, it is scattered around the plants. This fertilizer can be stored in a container with a tight-fitting lid..

Nettle for tomatoes

watering tomatoes with nettle infusionMany gardeners notice that the use of pure nettle infusion leads to fattening of tomatoes. They begin to actively overgrow with foliage, and the fruits are tied poorly..

Therefore, when preparing nettle fertilizer for tomatoes, you need to use other herbs. All weeds collected on the site can be added to the infusion. The addition of comfrey is especially effective. The cooking process remains the same. The grass, covered with boiling water, is left for two weeks. The resulting liquid is filtered and used.

The finished infusion is diluted in water in a ratio of 1 to 20. Pour 1 liter of fertilizer under each tomato bush. If feeding is carried out immediately after planting the seedlings, then 0.5 liters of infusion is used.

Nettle Fertilizer Recipes

recipes for making infusion of nettleNettle can be used as a fertilizer for plants not only in its pure form, but also as part of complex dressings. The most effective are three recipes..

Nettles and bread

infusion of nettle and breadShredded nettle shoots are placed in the barrel. Bread crusts are also sent there. The mass is poured with boiling water. Thanks to the bread, the fermentation process is much faster. Fertilizer will be ready in five days.

Nettle and yeast

infusion of nettle and yeastYeast will help increase the number of beneficial microorganisms and improve their survival in the soil. To prepare the fertilizer, 10 grams of dry yeast is poured with two liters of warm, but not hot water. Add two tablespoons of sugar to the mixture. Leave to infuse for a day. During this time, the yeast will begin to work actively. The liquid will be covered with a foam cap.

Nettle infusion is prepared separately. In 10 liters of pure water, 1 liter of nettle infusion is diluted. Add 200 ml of yeast infusion. Mix the composition thoroughly. Such dressings are applied at the root on a pre-moistened soil..

Nettle and serum

infusion of nettle and serumThe introduction of such fertilization is shown during the period of active flowering of plants. For its preparation, half of the bucket is filled with chopped shoots of young nettles. Pour in 1 liter of milk whey. Pour warm water to the top.

It is necessary to insist the fertilizer under the lid for at least 10 days. The finished product is filtered and diluted in clean water in a ratio of 1 to 10. Top dressing is applied by root method 1 time per week.

Nettle is a valuable fertilizer for many vegetable and berry crops. It is available to every gardener. A properly prepared fertilizer will help you achieve record yields.

Nettle as a fertilizer for plants in the form of infusion – video

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