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Fertilizer Ammophos for use at their summer cottage

fertilizer ammophos for summer cottages Lack of phosphorus and nitrogen leads to a decrease in crop yields. Fertilizer Ammophos contains these chemical elements in an easily digestible form for plants. For this reason, farmers use mineral fertilizing for both row-crop and pre-sowing application. It is successfully used in the cultivation of cereals and ornamental crops, vegetables, and root crops..

The important role of phosphorus in plant life

good harvest Without phosphorus, the process of root formation is very slow and delayed. The plant stops developing fully because it cannot absorb nutrients from the soil. In addition, the lack of this element during the formation of the reproductive organs leads to a violation of the growth of culture. The process of fruit ripening slows down, due to which the yield drops sharply. In addition, phosphorus contributes to the rapid and successful absorption of nitrogen-containing substances.

Experts concluded that 1 kg of Ammophos fertilizer replaces up to 3 kg of superphosphate in combination with 400 g of ammonium nitrate. The efficiency of the nitrogen-phosphorus mixture is 3 times higher than these dressings..

Fertilizer Ammophos and its composition

fertilizer ammophos for the gardenFor pre-sowing use, granular ammophos is used, and for continuous sowing, a powder mixture. In the latter case, top dressing is applied when growing lawn grass planted in parking and sports grounds.

Fertilizer Ammophos has 2 forms of release. In the form of granules 3.5 mm in size (marked “A” on the packaging) and powder mass (marked “B”).

Ammophos fertilizer contains 2 main components: phosphorus (50-52%) and nitrogen (up to 12%). Nitrogen compounds in the mineral supplement play an auxiliary role. Thanks to them, a complex biochemical reaction of dissolution and assimilation of feeding is carried out.fertilizer composition

In addition, the nitrogen-phosphorus complex includes:

  • magnesium;
  • sulfur;
  • potassium;
  • calcium.

It should be understood that the active ingredient ammophos is 2 complex phosphates: mono- and diammonium. These compounds are not able to absorb moisture from the external environment, therefore they dissolve perfectly in any liquid. Due to this property, top dressing is used as root and root application..

Fertilizer dosage for growing crops in greenhouses and hotbeds – 40-50 g / m².

Features of the use of fertilizer Ammophos in summer cottages

features of the use of ammophosThe use of this mineral complex increases the fertility of agricultural crops. In addition, ammophos fertilizer improves the immune system of plants, which allows them to successfully cope with diseases and bad weather conditions. Among other things, thanks to this additive, the fruits acquire excellent taste and also have a special keeping quality..

When working with Ammophos fertilizer, precautions must be taken. Exceeding the dosage of the drug will lead to an increase in the acidity of the soil..

fertilizing ammophosThe instructions for use of Ammophos show that it can be used for all types of soils, as well as in arid regions of the country. The fertilizer is perfect for both protected and open ground. Dosages for applying the nutrient mixture as the main fertilizer per 1 m²:

  • flowers, lawn grass – 15-20 g;
  • root vegetables – 15-25 g;
  • fruit and berry bushes – 15-30 g;
  • vegetable crops – 20-30 g.

Preparation of working solution. The ratio of chemical composition to water is 1: 3. The suspension is thoroughly mixed, and left to infuse for 2-3 days.

solution preparationAt the same time, the use of Ammophos in a summer cottage as a top dressing has different proportions. For vegetables, root crops and fruit shrubs, the dosage is at the rate of 5-10 g per running meter of row spacing, and for flowers, lawn grass and berry crops – 4-5 g / m². The mixture is evenly distributed over the surface of the beds and dug up. At the same time, the depth of embedding of the powder mass is 6-8 cm.If necessary, the garden is watered.fertilizing before planting

When sowing some crops, Ammophos is sprinkled on a row at a dosage of 2-3 g / running meter. When planting seedlings, 1-2 g of fertilizer is placed in the hole, and then all this is mixed with the ground.

Ammophos application time

fertilizer packagingThe optimal time for applying nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer is autumn. After distributing the agrochemical on the site, the land is carefully dug up. Nevertheless, in some cases, the procedure is carried out in early spring. Spread granules or powder over the entire surface of the garden, and leave. When the snow begins to melt, the soil will quickly absorb the phosphorus and nitrogen rich moisture. In addition, 3 additional feeding is planned throughout the season..

In August, the last feeding with Ammophos is carried out in order to stop the process of forming the green mass of the plant. Such agricultural technology contributes to the full ripening of fruits for harvest..

To increase crop yields by 20-40%, Ammophos fertilizer is applied in combination with ammonium nitrate or other nitrogen-containing compounds. However, you should not use these complexes for absolutely all agricultural crops, since superphosphate is shown to some of them. Also, you can not mix the agrochemical with wood ash, chicken droppings, lime. Compliance with these recommendations will help the farmer grow a rich harvest..

Autumn use of Ammophos in a greenhouse – video

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