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Why do currant leaves dry?

Photo of currant leaves dryNo vegetable garden is complete without currant bushes. The berry is not only tasty, it is very useful, it is especially recommended to eat it in winter and spring to combat vitamin deficiency. For this reason, all gardeners want a good harvest. But sometimes the leaves of the currant dry out, and this is a serious problem, due to which the plant may die..

List of reasons

Of course, leaves can dry out for the most commonplace reason – drought and lack of water. In the absence of rain, currant bushes must be thoroughly watered so as not to dry out the useful plant. This is especially important during periods of crucial importance for fruiting:

  • the appearance of leaves;
  • the formation of buds;
  • bloom;
  • ovary of future fruits.

Watering should be carried out at the roots, being careful not to touch the leaves. Otherwise, they may burn out in the sun..

The problem with a lack of moisture is easy to solve, but this is not the most common answer to the question of why black currant dries. Unfortunately, most often the problem lies in the infestation of aphids. Insects cling to leaves to such an extent that it is difficult for them to obtain the necessary substances from the sun. In addition, pests suck out juices from the leaves, from which they turn yellow, dry and curl.

What to do if the currant dries?

aphid If the answer to the question of why the currant dries up is the invasion of aphids, then it is time to take drastic measures, since six to seven generations of the pest may appear during the summer, a deadly indicator for the plant.

There are a number of ways to protect currant bushes from a dangerous insect:

  • Aphids appear where there are ants. To get rid of insects forever, you should uproot the anthill from the place where the currants grow. The easiest way is to thoroughly fill the holes dug by ants. For a greater effect, use a special agent, and not ordinary water. Sometimes it is difficult to cover the entire anthill as a whole, since it is impossible to look underground. It is better to flood the insect dwelling for several days to be sure of the positive effect..
  • In the spring, when new buds appear, swollen and large ones should be removed, since they are most likely infected with aphids. It is more expedient to burn the removed kidneys so that the infection does not take root in another place. It is customary to process the blossoming shoots with ash. It is more convenient for some to powder the plant, others spray it with an ash solution. It is prepared from a glass of ash per liter of water.
  • The most difficult thing to deal with aphids is in the summer, as the chemical attack will destroy the fruits. If the infection is detected only during the fruiting period, only herbal infusions are allowed to be used. So, aphids do not tolerate wormwood, so a tincture on this weed will save the currants from drying out.
  • Another fun way can help if currant leaves dry. Nature itself helps in the fight against aphids when you know how to use it. The ladybug is considered the best fighter against this pest, so it is advisable to lure them into your garden. To do this, it is enough to plant certain herbs around the currant bushes, which can also be useful. These include dill, coriander, tansy, basil, or chamomile. Such a measure will help not only in the fight against aphids, but also provide protection for the bushes in the future..

pestsEvery novice gardener is lost when currants dry in his garden. What to do in such a situation has now become clear. Any pests have an adverse effect on plants, but aphids are a very common ailment for currants, so there are many methods for its successful elimination..

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