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Fertilizer AgroMaster – a guarantee of a stable harvest

fertilizer agromaster To successfully grow crops, you need to feed them regularly with nutrients. Complex fertilizer AgroMaster is a universal product for maintaining and stimulating plant growth.

Chemical composition

preparations with a unique composition

The series of the manufacturer of the drug includes the content of useful chemicals and trace elements that are recommended for use:

  • for the development of vegetative mass;
  • for the purpose of feeding during the ripening and growth of fruits;
  • when planting and forming an ovary;
  • during the growing season of flower and ornamental crops;
  • for feeding and better ripening of fruit and berry crops.

Sold in the form of a powder, from which a nutrient solution for feeding is prepared.

The composition of microcrystalline fertilizer contains a complex of basic and auxiliary substances necessary for agricultural crops:

  • nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus oxides;
  • iron, zinc;
  • manganese chelate, magnesium;
  • molybdenum, boron;
  • copper, sulfur oxide.

The substances contained in the powder are of high chemical purity and dissolve well. Complex chemical free of carbonates, sodium and chloride compounds.

The content and proportions of each of the elements and the method of application of the drug are indicated on the package. For example, if the package says 20.20.20. – the powder contains an equal amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and 13.40.13 – that it contains 13 percent nitrogen, 40 – phosphorus, 13-potassium.

When choosing a type of fertilizer, its full chemical composition can be found in the table:

Fertilizer AgroMaster is packed in bags from 100 g to 1 kg or in bags from 10 to 25 kg.

Fertilizer application AgroMaster.

the result of using fertilizer agromasterThe drug is used during spraying, soil irrigation (fertigation) or in hydroponics for feeding roots and leaves, stimulating growth.

A versatile remedy used by gardeners at different stages of plant development.:

  • after planting to strengthen and develop roots;
  • during flowering and ovary formation;
  • for growth during fruiting.

For vegetables, grass grown as a lawn, it is recommended to dilute the solution at the rate of 10-20 grams per bucket of water and use it for root feeding from 4 to 10 liters per 1 square meter, for leaves from 1 to 1.5 liters per 10 square meters meters.

Top dressing in the open field is carried out after planting the plants 3 to 5 times every ten days. Strawberries, strawberries are fertilized from the beginning of the flowering period until ripe berries ripen.

For fruit and berry crops – the dose is 2 times higher, the treatment begins in the spring after the resumption of the growing season and is also carried out every ten days.

For feeding decorative, flowering plants, use 4-8 liters of a useful solution per square meter.

On large fields with drip irrigation, use a solution containing from 2 to 5 kg of the drug per 1 hectare to correct mineral nutrition, stimulate the growth and maturation of crops.

In the greenhouse, root feeding is carried out after 7-10 days, and in winter, once a month..

When growing hydroponically, use a solution containing 1-2 grams of powder per 1 liter of water.

Useful Tips:

  • do not exceed the dose indicated on the package for preparing the solution;
  • in order not to reduce the beneficial effect, try not to process plants in the wind, in rainy weather or in the scorching sun;
  • the working mixture prepared from the fertilizer is suitable for processing for no more than 1 day;
  • store the purchased AgroMaster preparation in a dark, dry, cool room. Keep the packaging tight.

Fertilizer AgroMaster is also used for growing plants in a room in pots.


chemical composition without harmful impurities

In comparison with other types of fertilizers for vegetation, agrochemicals of the AgroMaster series have a number of undoubted advantages.:

  • optimal chemical composition without harmful impurities;
  • simplicity of solution preparation;
  • dissolves perfectly, leaves no residue;
  • the ability to treat plants with a sprayer or by adding to the water with regular or drip irrigation;
  • versatility, multifunctionality. Correctly selected type of preparation series is used from the beginning of root growth to fruiting. It is used on vegetables, fruits, berries, flowers, trees;
  • suitable for growing crops in hydroponics;
  • good compatibility with used herbicides, pesticides;
  • guaranteed increases yields, accelerates ripening and quality of fruits;
  • increases resistance against fungal diseases, frost.

With the help of AgroMaster fertilizer it is possible to regulate the content of sugar and protein in plants.

Agronomists have calculated that the use of AgroMaster series agrochemicals can save 2-3 times financial resources in comparison with similar types of powder and liquid fertilizers. At the same time, high efficiency in ripening, safety of fruits from the effects of pests and plant diseases remains..

reliable assistant to the gardenerFertilizers of the AgroMaster company, manufactured at domestic factories for the production of agrochemicals, have been practically tested for a decade by Russian gardeners, farmers, large agricultural producers..

Scientific specialists of the company based on the conducted research:

  • develop and introduce optimal forms of the content of basic chemicals and microelements in fertilizers;
  • improve the protective properties of plants, improve the quality of the crop.

The use of new technologies, high-quality raw materials, customer feedback, ensured the creation of a whole series of fertilizers that bring great benefits throughout the growing season.

What is the difference between AgroMaster fertilizer and other products – video

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