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Raspberry variety Giant – care rules for an excellent harvest

raspberry variety Giant A good variety of raspberries combines large berry size, sweet taste and high yields. All these requirements are met by the Giant raspberry variety, which has gained popularity among many summer residents and gardeners. With minimal care, this variety pleases with an abundance of large and tasty berries, the weight of which can reach 25 g..

Raspberry variety Giant – characteristics and features

high-yielding raspberry variety Giant The giant, also called Pride of Russia, is a high-yielding, early ripening and large-fruited variety of raspberries, bred in the early 90s at the Moscow Institute of Horticulture by Russian breeders under the leadership of V.V. Kichin. It was obtained as a result of crossing the Shtambovaya-20 and Stolichnaya species.

Raspberry Giant characteristic:

  1. The root system is powerful, branched.
  2. Stems are thick, erect, reaching 1.5-2 m in height. They have no thorns.
  3. The plant forms up to 8-10 vigorous stems for the entire growing season, up to 6-8 root suckers. Up to 25-35 fruits are formed on them, ripening gradually.
  4. The leaf plates are large, dark green, with a soft velvety edge at the top.
  5. During the flowering period, the bushes are covered with white brush-shaped inflorescences.
  6. Fruits are ruby ​​red, oblong or conical in shape, with dense and juicy pulp and a pleasant sweetish-sour taste. Fruit size – 15-25 g.large fragrant berries

The pluses of the Giant raspberry variety include excellent winter hardiness and a strong immune system. Bushes easily tolerate frosts down to -30 ° С.

Growing raspberries

growing raspberriesPlanting and caring for Giant raspberries have several features that must be taken into account in order to get a good harvest of delicious and sweet berries. You can start planting work in March or the second half of September – but at least 2-3 weeks before the first frost.

For planting raspberries, it is advisable to choose evenly lit areas with little shading. The giant grows best on loose, fertile or peaty soil, black soil.

planting raspberry seedlings

Step-by-step landing scheme:

  1. Raspberry seedlings are best bought in specialized nurseries. They should be at least 45 cm long, have strong white roots and 4-5 strong, well-developed shoots..
  2. Dig up the area a week before planting, remove all weeds and feed with manure or superphosphate.
  3. Prepare 50 cm diameter planting holes spaced 40-60 cm apart.
  4. Pour a layer of manure 10-15 cm thick at the bottom of the hole.
  5. Place the seedling on top of the manure, gently straighten its roots and sprinkle with soil.

abundant wateringAfter planting, water the seedlings abundantly, pouring 3-4 liters of water under each. When it is completely absorbed, add some more earth, forming a small mound around the bush and mulch it.

Raspberry care rules Giant

drip irrigation of raspberriesWhen caring for the Giant raspberry variety, you need to pay maximum attention to watering, feeding and trimming. The plant tolerates drought well, but “likes” abundant watering very much. It is especially important during flowering, berry formation and after harvest. Water the raspberries every 5-7 days, pouring 3-4 buckets of water under each bush.

Raspberry Giant needs annual feeding. Immediately after planting, young seedlings are fed with rotted manure. In the spring, it is recommended to add potassium salt, superphosphate, mullein solution and nitrogen-containing dressings. Autumn – ash and formulations containing phosphorus and potassium.

raspberries on a trellisGiant is one of the most popular varieties of Russian raspberry selection. He fell in love with many summer residents and gardeners because of the ease of cultivation, unpretentious care, good frost resistance and invariably high yields of large, juicy and sweet berries..

Raspberry variety Giant ripens – video

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