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Indikationer for brug af apitherapy – hvad er behandlingen af ​​bistik

Apitherapy er en unik ikke-traditionel metode til behandling med bistik og bi-gift, kendt siden umindelige tider. Indikationer for brug af apitherapy er meget omfattende, fordi sammensætningen af ​​bi -gift indeholder en enorm mængde værdifulde biologisk aktive stoffer. Denne behandlingsmetode bruges til ledsygdomme, arytmier og åreknuder. En utraditionel teknik har en række kontraindikationer, der skal tages...Read More

An amazing climbing kobea settled in the garden

Another of the favorite plants of gardeners is the climbing kobe, growing from seeds of which is somewhat laborious. But the time and effort invested is offset by a gorgeous look and abundant flowering. See photos of clivia! Brief botanical reference Liana kobei (translated from lat. Cobaea) is a climbing semi-shrub. The plant belongs to...Read More

Home care

Zamia is a family of evergreen plants. Under natural conditions, this flower grows in tropical and subtropical regions of America, it can also be grown at home in a pot. He does not grow very large, but requires special conditions of detention. Even with good home care, zamia almost never blooms, but it looks original....Read More

Proper care for delicate calla lilies at home

If you have chosen such an aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated flower as calla, home care involves following a certain set of rules. The main factors that have a beneficial effect on plant growth are light, warmth and a properly selected pot. In the process of growing, many more difficulties may arise, which can be circumvented...Read More